#14: Danielle Drake, MA

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On this episode Will Sherwin talks with Danielle Drake, MA from the San Francisco Bay Area.  Danielle performs two of her spoken word poems, we discuss African-centered psychologies, her journey to becoming a clinical psychologist, song lyrics evocative of therapeutic principles, teaching narrative and expressive arts practices at CIIS, sky-diving and more!

Danielle is on the core faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies’ Expressive Arts Program in San Francisco, CA.  She is also a PhD. candidate at the Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara.  Her dissertation is entitled, “Spirituality and Creativity Among Culturally Empowered African-Americans: A Legacy of Empowered Community Liberation.”

Danielle Drake can be reached at dydrake@ciis.edu and she would love to hear your reflections.

Show Notes:

[35:19} “The challenge mindset” from the book:

The Triumph of the Soul:  Cultural and Psychological Aspects of African American Music

by Ferdinand Jones, Arthur C. Jones, ed.


[39:36]  “I feel the other, I dance the other, therefore I am.” — Leopold Sedar Senghor.

[47:32}  Gregory Porter — “Painted on Canvas”


[1:10:27]  “The will to adorn”

[1:11:48]  Outkast — “So Fresh, So Clean”


[1:16:01]  Carolyn Malachi — “Beautiful Dreamer”