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BANTR#8: Katherine Moore, MFT on Child Protective Services


Katherine Moore, MFT

On this episode I interview Katherine Moore, MFT from San Francisco, CA on her new book Connecting the Dots: Positive intentions, negative impacts; My Journey Through CPS.

Listen in below:

Katherine and I discuss her stories and perspectives from working 17 years in child protective services. Katherine can be reached through her website,


[3:40] “It is my hope that in reading this book people can have a serious dialogue about what can be done to minimize the pain to both clients and those that work in the field.”

[9:29] “I realized that the institution of CPS is racist. It’s not racist by intent, it’s racist by how the practices were developed and the group that was targeted.”

[12:40] “In graduate school I learned about the world of pathology. I also learned about the bias I saw in the teaching of pathology. The psychological worldview that I was taught in school did not make sense to me.”

[21:05] “The interesting thing about love is that different people love differently.”

[36:50] “I was always faced with wondering whether I was making the right decision.”

[57:00] “If you’re walking around drinking this magical thinking potion, you want to believe that you’re wearing the white hat. It is not a binary world.”

[1:12:49] “What do you think would need to happen for there to be a change in CPS moving in the direction of better services for children and families?”

[1:17:34] “There is a price that every change agent makes.”