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BANTR#9: Collective Audio Bouquet

On this episode Will Sherwin compiled short excerpts from existing podcasts and radio shows from 2005-2015 featuring the voices of narrative therapists.  See below for show notes and links to the full original episodes.

Listen here:

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Show Notes

[1:33]  Michael White (Adelaide, South Australia)
Listen to the full episode on the “All in the Mind” radio program
October 2005 interview by Gretchen Miller on narrative therapy principles, katharsis, the story of Frederick, stream of consciousness, memory and trauma.

“There are often storylines that contradict the dominant storyline and I sometimes think about them as the subordinate stories of life. We can play a part in helping people to redevelop these stories of life and to elevate them and they provide a foundation for possibility in life.”

“If in some way they were moved on account of witnessing this performance then it was kathartic. The word moved was generally meant in much broader terms like if on account of witnessing this, the person had new understandings about aspects of their own history or if they’d re-engaged with values that had been precious to them that they had forsaken. or if they had new ideas for conversations with members of their own family etc. then it was kathartic, it had been literally transporting of them.”

[9:27]  Donald Bubenzer, PhD. (Kent, Ohio)
Listen to the full episode on the Counselor Audio Source podcast and read the show notes.
June 2006 interview by Tom Newman discussing narrative therapy principles, letter-writing, Michael White, and more.  Dr. Bubenzer is a Professor at Kent State University.

[19:31]  Walter Bera, PhD. (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Listen to the full episode on The Secular Buddhist podcast
June 2010 interview discussing ideas of self in Buddhism and Western psychology.
Dr. Walter Bera is the Director of the Kenwood Therapy Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

[27:03]  Pamela Smithbell, MA, LLPC, NCC, SPADA (Suttons Bay, Michigan)
Listen to the full episode on Harm Reduction Radio.
May 2012 interview by Kenneth Anderson on postmodern and collaborative approaches to addiction treatments, meditation groups, and guided imagery.

[31:41]  Jay S. Levy, MSW, LICSW (Western Massachusetts)
Listen to the full episode on Harm Reduction Radio.
July 2012 interview by Kenneth Anderson on Levy’s book, “Homeless Narratives and Pretreatment Pathways: From Words to Housing”.  For more information visit Jay Levy’s website.

[35:50]  Chené Swart, PhD. (South Africa)
Listen to the full episode on the Tamarack Institute podcast.
January 2014 interview by The Tamarack Institute on the power of community in storytelling and the power of storytelling in community.
Dr. Chene Swart is based out of South Africa and does international training, coaching, and consulting applying a re-authoring approach to co-constructing alternative narratives that guide communal and individual agency.  For more information on Chené Swart visit her website here.

[39:04]  Art Fisher and Nancy McDonald (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Listen to the full episode at CHNET-Works! #437 Family Violence Prevention webinar
February 2015 webinar on trauma-informed counseling including a critical discussion of the dominant ways of talking about trauma and new definitions of trauma. Nancy MacDonald is Director of Family Service of Eastern Nova Scotia and Art Fisher is Director of Family Service of Western Nova Scotia.   Visit their website at

[46:08]  Lorraine Hedtke, PhD. (Santa Barbara, California)
Listen to the full episode on the Good Grief Voice America podcast.
August 12, 2015 interview by Cheryl Jones on narrative-informed principles of grief based on “saying hullo again” instead of saying goodbye.

Lorraine Hedtke MSW, ACSW, LCSW, Ph.D. is the program coordinator and an associate professor of counseling and guidance & PPS Credential program, San. She is also the proprietor of The Fabula Center a counseling and training center in Redlands, California.  For more information visit her website at

[53:14] Ana Louise Keating, PhD. (Dallas, Texas)
Listen to the full episode on The Radical Therapist podcast.
August 23, 2015 interview by Dr. Chris Hoff on her book “Transformation Now! Toward a Post-Oppositional Politics of Change”. They discuss both oppositional approaches to change along with alternatives to opposition.

The Radical Therapist has many great episodes exploring the intersections of collaborative therapy, philosophy, art, and science & technology in a post-Freud, post-psychology world. Chris Hoff has recently started The Radical Therapist YouTube channel as well.


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–Collective Audio Bouquet photo taken by Will Sherwin in San Francisco, CA.