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BANTR#10: LA PoMo Gathering Song Discussion

Picture by Lucy Cotter, 1994

Will Sherwin facilitated and recorded a conversation about songs evocative of narrative practice principles at the Los Angeles PoMo Gathering, April 9th, 2017 with five other therapists from Los Angeles: Charley Lang, Pritika Sehgal, Kerry Thorne, Lucy Cotter, and Larry Zucker.

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Listen here:

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The songs:

[3:24] “Sweet Inspiration” by The Sweet Inspirations, 1967 (written by Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham, Muscle Shoals, AL USA).

Song lyrics here. 

[14:41] “The Words Don’t Fit the Picture” by Willie Nelson, 1972 (Texas, USA).

Song lyrics here. 

[30:00] “A Song of Survival” by David Denborough, Dulwich Centre (Adelaide, Australia).

[41:46] “Rose From the Concrete” by artists involved with Beats, Rhymes, and Life Inc.,  2015 (Oakland, CA USA)

[54:03] “Powerful Man” by Hop Along, 2015 (Philadelphia, PA USA).

Song lyrics here.

[1:17:36] “Done It Again” by Friendly Males, Los Angeles, 2015.