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#11: Dr. Travis Heath on Hip Hop and Narrative Therapy

Travis Heath and Will Sherwin sat down at’s 2017 Narrative Camp to discuss Travis’s work using hip hop and narrative therapy, subverting the systems of academia, police murder of young people of color in the United States, and more. Dr. Travis Heath is a psychologist in private practice, associate professor of psychology at MSU Denver and has served as a team consultant in the NBA. He can be reached at

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Show Notes:

[23:54] Oli — “Closer to My Dreams

[45:18] Public Enemy – “We Got Game”

“We Got Game” lyrics here.

[48:50] Lauryn Hill – “Black Rage”

“Black Rage” lyrics here.

[50:34] J Cole – “Be Free”

“Be Free” lyrics here.

[1:32:36] Narrativa-Mente Podcast by Luigi Frezza

[1:34:17]Saas – “Lonely Conscious”

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All instrumental tracks were produced by The Passion HiFi.