BANTR Radio Shows


BANTR#10: LA PoMo Gathering Song Discussion

Will Sherwin facilitated and recorded a conversation about songs evocative of narrative practice principles at the Los Angeles PoMo Gathering, April 9th, 2017 with Charley Lang, Pritika Sehgal, Kerry Thorne, Lucy Cotter, and Larry Zucker.


BANTR#9:  Collective Audio Bouquet

On this episode Will Sherwin compiled short excerpts from existing podcasts and radio shows from 2005-2015 featuring the voices of narrative therapists.


BANTR#8: Katherine Moore, MFT on Child Protective Services

Katherine shares principles, stories, and critiques from her 17.2 years in child protective services.



BANTR#7: Inside Out w/ Marc Komori-Stager, Ph.D.

Marc and Will discuss the Pixar film Inside Out and the metaphors of the imagination, emotions, and the mind in the film.



BANTR#6:  Peggy Sax, Ph.D.

Peggy discusses her history with narrative therapy, reclaiming community out of personal catastrophe, and



BANTR#5:  Zemeira Singer, MFT

Zemeira reads from her piece”The Game of Life” and talks about community mental health in Alameda County, California.



BANTR#4:  Jeffrey Jamerson, MA

Jeffrey shares stories and principles from his Expressive Remix Therapy, Hip Hop, and his work with youth in foster care.



BANTR#3:  Will Sherwin, Zemeira Singer, Scott Ralston, Terry Becker, and more

The team discusses song lyrics and how they’re evocative of narrative therapy principles.



BANTR#2: Shoshana Simons, Ph.D., RDT

Shoshana and Will discuss narrative therapy, art, drama therapy, and teaching.



BANTR#1: Julia Wallace, LCSW and Will Sherwin, MFT

Julia and Will discuss selected quotations about narrative therapy.