BANTR Radio Shows

Danielle DrakeBANTR#14: Danielle Drake, MA

We discuss Danielle’s personal journey to becoming a clinical psychologist, her spoken word poems, African-centered psychologies, song lyrics, teaching narrative and expressive arts at CIIS, sky-diving, and more.


BANTR#13: Art Fisher and Nancy MacDonald

We talk with with Art Fisher and Nancy MacDonald about honoring people’s response-skills to violence, thinking critically about the language of trauma-informed care, the social determinants of health, “going rogue” and more.


BANTR#12: Painted Brain

We talked with contributors of Painted Brain, a Los Angeles-based organization that creates lasting community-based solutions to mental health challenges and the impact of social injustice through arts, advocacy, and enterprise.


BANTR#11:  Dr. Travis Heath on Hip Hop and Narrative Therapy

Travis Heath and Will Sherwin discuss Travis’s work using hip hop and narrative therapy, subverting the systems of academia, police murder of young people of color in the United States, and more.


BANTR#10: LA PoMo Gathering Song Discussion

Will Sherwin facilitated and recorded a conversation about songs evocative of narrative practice principles at the Los Angeles PoMo Gathering, April 9th, 2017 with Charley Lang, Pritika Sehgal, Kerry Thorne, Lucy Cotter, and Larry Zucker.


BANTR#9:  Collective Audio Bouquet

On this episode Will Sherwin compiled short excerpts from existing podcasts and radio shows from 2005-2015 featuring the voices of narrative therapists.


BANTR#8: Katherine Moore, MFT on Child Protective Services

Katherine shares principles, stories, and critiques from her 17.2 years in child protective services.



BANTR#7: Inside Out w/ Marc Komori-Stager, Ph.D.

Marc and Will discuss the Pixar film Inside Out and the metaphors of the imagination, emotions, and the mind in the film.



BANTR#6:  Peggy Sax, Ph.D.

Peggy discusses her history with narrative therapy, reclaiming community out of personal catastrophe, and



BANTR#5:  Zemeira Singer, MFT

Zemeira reads from her piece”The Game of Life” and talks about community mental health in Alameda County, California.



BANTR#4:  Jeffrey Jamerson, MA

Jeffrey shares stories and principles from his Expressive Remix Therapy, Hip Hop, and his work with youth in foster care.



BANTR#3:  Will Sherwin, Zemeira Singer, Scott Ralston, Terry Becker, and more

The team discusses song lyrics and how they’re evocative of narrative therapy principles.



BANTR#2: Shoshana Simons, Ph.D., RDT

Shoshana and Will discuss narrative therapy, art, drama therapy, and teaching.



BANTR#1: Julia Wallace, LCSW and Will Sherwin, MFT

Julia and Will discuss selected quotations about narrative therapy.